Monthly Giving Club

Investing in our students, teachers, and schools has the best return on investment for our Greenfield community.

And you don’t need to give $100 to make this a reality.  By joining The Honor Roll (which starts at just $5/month), you’ll make a tangible commitment to education and our community.  These recurring donations provide sustainable, predictable income, and you’re joining a community alongside many others who also want to make an impact.  

Join this dedicated community of members known as The Honor Roll.  This special giving program guarantees 100% of your donation will go directly to students and teachers to enhance student learning.  

Your monthly support – no matter how much – makes our work possible.

Why join a monthly giving program?

  • It’s impactful -you’ll provide support for our 4400 students
  • It’s sustainable -monthly gifts provide predictable income, which in turns help our schools plan for the future
  • It’s a community -you’ll be joining a committed group of members who make our work possible!

Take your seat at the front and maximize your impact.  Set a plan to impact students’ lives all year long.  Give monthly.